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commercial cargo insuranceContingent Cargo & Liability Insurance

Contingent Cargo Coverage is a fail-safe Cargo coverage for Freight Brokers. This coverage will step in in the event that, after all necessary due diligence, the coverage of Motor Carrier fails to respond due to cancellation or misrepresentation.

  • Contingent Cargo Limits to $1,000,000
  • Package Discounts for both Coverages
  • Coverage written on Gross Receipts Basis
  • Low minimum premiums

To get a quick quote on Contingent Cargo & Liability Insurance coverage, call TCB Insurance Programs at (574) 583-8661.

Contingent Truck Cargo Insurance –
Additional Information

Contingent Cargo & Liability Policies require the insured to perform certain checks and to secure certain evidence of coverage in order for coverage to react. Contingent policies will not provide broader coverage than the misrepresented policy would have provided. A claim denied for coverage reasons will not trigger a Contingent loss.

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